PTO- Officers for the 2010-2011 School Year

Presidents-Lizzie Strukel
Vice President-Jason Smith
Treasurer-Jenny Brunner

Secretary-Tanya Leach

What does a PTO or PTA do? PTA Organizations support and speak on behalf of children in the schools, in the community and for Government groups and other organizations that make decisions affecting children. They help parents develop the skills to raise and protect their children and they encourage parent and public involvement in public schools across the country. Activities varies from group to group but you can probably be expected to be involved with fund raising. At meetings members bring up things the school needs help buying from art supplies, computers and aside how to raise funds from smaller endeavors like car washes, ice cream socials to large scale events like a Spring carnival, book fairs. PTA is often called in to help manage and promote this type of event that offers students reasonably priced books, stock classrooms, libraries and raise money for the school. Teacher Appreciation: The PTA takes charge of showing that teachers are valued through end of school luncheons, teacher appreciation week events, finding classroom volunteers and other morale builders. Scholarships: Many PTA's maintain a scholarship fund for children of PTA parents. School Beautification: Efforts to replant gardens, clean school grounds and fix up facilities are often spare headed by tghe PTA. Parent Classes: Workshops/Seminars: Some PTA's offer classes in practical subjects, like Internet safety, have experts to discuss issues like homework or whole workshops on good health habits. Newsletters: Find out what is going on in your school and in your PTA through your newsletter which is often introduced by a teacher each edition, reports on past successes and offers parenting tips.