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Safe Drop Off & Pick UP

Dear Parents and Guardians,                              09/10/2010  

Due to the addition of two grade levels at Squires Elementary, we have experienced an increase in student “Drop Off” and “Pick Up”.  With this large population, we have witnessed unsafe situations with vehicles for students and staff.  After observing this situation, the Superintendent, Transportation Supervisor, Chief of Police and myself, we constructed a safety action plan to begin on Monday, September 13th.


·       All student “Drop Off” and “Pick Up” will occur in the back of Squires Elementary (Map Marked – Drop *)

·       Vehicles will enter Second Street and exit right on East York Street (One Way).  Proceed to the back of Squires.

·       Drive through the “Safety Zone” (between the orange cones) until you reach 1 of the 4 “Drop Off” areas.  Supervision will be provided.

·       1 Adult Safety Supervisor will assist in each student “Drop Off”.

·       Students will proceed into the Gym, where they may eat breakfast or enter the foyer.

·       When exiting, please use caution, and exit out the back of Squires onto Wolfe Street.

Buses ·       Only Buses will use the Squires Center Street entrance for “Drop Off” and “Pick Up”.

·       If you have school business to do in the building, you may use the Center Street Entrance after 8:10 in the morning until 3:00 p.m. and then again after 3:35 in the afternoon.

Thank you to all the parents and staff for your suggestions and efforts in implementing this new safety procedure.  You will receive a Parent Survey and have a Parent/School Meeting within the next few weeks.  Please call with any questions or concerns.


Dee Voss