Email Contacts for our entire District

Cassopolis Public Schools Email Directory

Allen, Julie

Allison, Tracy

Ampey, Rosalie

Anderson, Michelle

Aven, Kerrie

Baltazar, Patricia

Beebe, Victoria

Benson, Cynthia

Blaske, Julie

Borsa, Brooke

Bowers, Loretta

Boyd, Colleen

Bradke, John

Brawley, Matthew

Bright, Robyn

Brown, Mary

Bruens, Karrie

Bueche, Lesa

Burks, Shelli

Burns, Eric

Burns, Heather

Carlisle, Aryn

Carpenter, Melissa

Chapman, Paul

Christie, Sandra

Christopher, Holly

Curry, Patricia

Dahl, Danielle

Diol, Ranjit

Dussel, Nancy

Ernst, Cristy

Fedore, Constance

Foston, Floyd

Fox, Jayne

Francisco, Hiawatha

Gaideski, Tricia

Garwood, Tammy

Gatson, Janice

Gendron, Denise

George, Carrie

Ghareeb, Julie

Goodearl, Elisabeth

Gorham-Pflug, Lindsay

Graham, Cheryl

Griffioen, Bridget

Guse, Robert

Gustafson, Kelly

Hague, Suzanne

Haines, Rosa

Harding, Marcia

Hargrove, Kelly

Hartsell, Timothy

Harvey, Phil

Hawkins, Meredith

Hedges, Mary

Hershberger, Betty

Hertsel, Tracy

Herwick, Julie

Holbury, Karen

Hood, Joshua

Hoover, Helene

Hughes, Jenna

Johnson, Shelly

Jones, Cindy

Jones, Maria

Kelly, Carolyn

Kiner, Richard

Kirby, Sharon

Knight, Bradly

Lang, Glorianna

Lapham, John

Lapham, Theresa

Liechty, Angela

Luevano, Sal

Maldonado, Iriada

Mark, Jessica

Martynowicz, Cindy

May, Carey

McIntyre, Craig

McIntyre, Darlene

McKee, Diane

McKee, Stephen

Melville Voss, Dee Ann

Mooney, Desiree

Mourning, Linda

Mourning, Spencer

Murphy, Darla

Murray, Cathy

Newland, Renee

Park, Sara

Patton, Felomina

Payne, Roy

Phillips, Lori

Pike, Amy

Piper, Marti

Porath, Jean

Potter, Joan

Purlee, Dan

Raabe, Jaye

Raabe, Theresa

Ramsey, Michele

Ridge, Kylee

Rife, Patricia

Rodgers, Sandra

Rogers, Cheryl

Rucker, Kenneth

Sams, Robin

Schadler, Rhonda

Schuur, Nanette

Shultz, Richard

Smego, Brenda

Smith, Carol

Snow, Billie

Sobecki, Jayna

Staulter, Philip

Stermer, Debora

Strome, Donna

Stump, Jeanne

Stutzman, Christina

Swartz, Charlene

Swartz, Wallace

Thomas, Lisa

Thomas, Scott

Tubbs, Sharon

VanDyke, John

Vite, Linda

Vlasicak, Geri

Waldschmidt, Patricia

Ward, Rachele

Warren, Donna

Weatherspoon, Gregory

Wellman, Teresa

Wernette, Jeffrey

Westrate, Erin

Westrick, Beth

Widerquist, Kristine

Williams, Shirell

Wray, Jill



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